A walk down memory lane-2!

We meet many people, in our lives. Some interactions are touch and go, some are for days and some are hooked like bedbugs, it doesn't matter how hard you try »

Java: Playing with Generics and Reflection

Generics and Reflection are some of the few powerful tools which Java provides. Use case: In an incremental software development model, we happen to change and change. And some changes »

Separation is the ultimate goal of Socialization

I guess most of us have read Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone. And when in college time come, a common question is, how is the life at college gonna be. »


Just like any other parent, his parents wanted their child to be happy, healthy and safe from the worldly chaos. Sometimes he was guided, sometimes restrained from doing things boys »

Handling Race Condition in JPA and Implementing Retry

In a distributed system, if two events came back to back, and we do not take any locks in case of update. Then the update due to second update may »