The story started as one of the newer colleague told, "I know in some days people are going to kill me, as I ask so many questions".
To this query, there could have been many solutions easiest being it happens, don't worry!

As the concern is quite logical, people have a tendency to get irritated by redundant queries, it needed a scientific explanation.

In my opinion,

Screen-Shot-2019-04-05-at-8.51.37-PM This would be the graphical representation of above equation. Constant depends on learning ability, complexity of the problems we are trying to solve etc.

We will take an analogy of parenting a kid to explain this.
When we are born, we need help in almost everything from having milk, burping, changing clothes etc. As we grow, expectations increase. First we are expected to move freely, as we start moving freely then after some time, we are expected to do more complicated things like changing clothes, studying on ourselves etc.
We are gradually moving high up in the experience tree and things start to get more complicated. After some days we are the ones who are taking care of ourselves.

In this example we can see, if we are growing in terms of experience the assistance is reducing in that field and expectations are increasing. Looking at the volume of information present today, we are never going to be the jack of all arts, we would always be needing an assistance doesn't matter how experience we become, however small it may be.

The above nature should be considered by both mentor and mentee. If mentee's expectations and dependency on mentors are not changing with time, it can come as a negative feedback. For example scoring poor marks in exams because of not changing study methodologies with increase in standard.

And if a mentor is not providing the desired assistance in the beginning, there are huge chances of mentee missing the core part of pathway they are supposed to undertake and would lead to some uncomfortable situation like lack of domain knowledge and motivation from the part of mentee.
Balance ensures happy landing!

PS: If Constant is 0, then best of luck assisting!