December 29 afternoon, probably the last working day of the year for most working people globally.

Near Inorbit mall, Uber driver took Right turn for the destination while a BMTC bus was coming from opposite end at a considerable pace.

I am wondering at the arrogance of both BMTC driver and the Cab driver, they were so confident that the other party is going to apply brakes.

It was an If Only scene, right out of a beautiful week. Watching a 15+ tonne vehicle at full brakes, still charging towards you, a horror you can only feel if positioned in those shoes!

As an adventure sport lover and an adrenaline junkie, you get to learn some very import lessons. Most important of all is maintaining calm and considerable reasoning at the time of despair. The Swift Dezire Jack was seated confortably using on an arm rest, and by the nature of it, if impacted from side, at a 90 degree angle arm rest could easily have damaged abdomen. It wouldn't have taken much time for a piece of convenience to become an instrument of disaster.

As a reflex action, he jumped from the seat towards his mom's side. When eyes were opened, he was almost on mom. Looking aside, the side of the vehicle was flattened and thankfully vehicle didn't turn upside down or it could have resulted in considerable injuries. Impact was powerful, Shattered glass pieces were all around. Thankfully there was no injury. By the grace of some almighty power, they were saved from a definite threatening situation.

That impact was not felt immediately by either Jack or by mom. He spotted mom's hairband on the seat, and on quick analysis, the analogy of no injuries was confirmed.

To his despair, driver seemed to be drunk, his mouth was smelling very bad. It was unfortunate of not clicking his and his vehicle's pics but some memories are better left for memories than actual snapshots.

Now came the question of internal injuries. Being a part of accident is horrifying, and with one of the most valuable person besides during that time is valuable as well as scary at the same time. Jack felt good that someone is beside and also, had they been in your place not reacting the way he did. Things would easily have gone south without any preemptive warning.

Jack was trembling because of post accident trauma. But since pain inhibitor enzymes/hormones kick in right after accident, best way to know the actual damage is to let body rest and access them afterwards. Inorbit being a commercial place, there was no way we could have laid flat on bed and home was too far from the scene.

After sometime post-traumatic stress kicked in and a feeling of lightheadedness came. I was able to recover that after resting for sometime.

Then came the big question, whether to run for day's target or not. Had things been in my court I would never have averted that as I was perfectly fine. But Softy and Mom were right, it is better to take a day off and take rest from already physically challenging week they already had.

In so much anxiety three of them went home and decided to cook, like a classical movie, For the second time he realized, veg-biryani could also be tasty!, first was at Paradise Hyderabad. Jack am sure to be lucky and thankful enough to be able to enjoy that meal in a 'relatively' healthy state.