2015, I joined Flipkart. My life was in a bad state, my work was no less than an Uncle Scrooge. Overall everything was pretty screwed up. Even after having a series of brutal evenings, I went back to my desk and coded. These are some moments which are not so good to remember, but definitely worthwhile memories.

As psychologist says, some losses are like a loss of family member, it is never easy!

That was a bad year, really bad one. If I consider 0 was the lowest, I was at limit tending to zero. Nothing good happened apart from Flipkart.

After that, I had a lot of time to think, plan and execute and learn. Learning keeps things young. I became a traveller, backpacker and by some accident a mountaineer. Things I gained are intangible crazy experiences, living with uncertainties, on basic necessities, and realising good and bad truths about the world.

Some things I gained during last two years are quite humbling.

I realised how small I am compared to the world, how people be happy and how collective intelligence works its magic. If you are an outlier by nature, you suffer more. You live in the edge, and never try to get the complete picture. External collisions, Internal collisions. Being like a wave in middle of the sea is the safest, but at times when you reach the shore. It is best to fight for your existence and identity.

Passion is the key, do things passionately whatever be the cost. Work, love, live also hate. To all the bad people in my life yet, I avoid you! And to the closest, till you repel me till world's end I am gonna be a bugger!

when you are ready, your guru will appear
This was the line told to Swami Vivekanand before he met Shri Ramakrishna. And it holds true. Just have trust and be ready for everything.

Two years of learning and analysing things. I worked on a project, massive one at a greater scale than I imagined. Definitely health was screwed but productionizing gave a wave of accomplishment. That wave of happiness after productionizing, I was actually missing BuyBack!

And in the middle I met a lady, a lot like the one I have always dreamt of. Moody, Natural, a bit psycho like me. And crazy. Calls me names, a great councillor!

And not to say, I was a SDE-1 for too long and too many Lines of code.

Definitely god gives things in packets. Sometimes good sometimes bad. Acceptance is good at times so does rebellion!