We meet many people, in our lives. Some interactions are touch and go, some are for days and some are hooked like bedbugs, it doesn't matter how hard you try they are gonna keep close.

Best bonds are made between minds which grow together. College is one of them. Looking back at some of the pages of my life like [1] [2], the experiences I had look void without people.

Wonder how it would feel, getting back with handful of them after crossing the 'four' year mark!

Plans usually starts with two. Presi and Bapu were the ones to chalk out the outline. And when Compu joined bijili vibhag, Original Manali plan trifurcated into three! And we started to rope in as many people as we can. The simulation matrix was set to action, new place new experience with the Same awesome people!

Keeping the izzat of IST, the Compus arrived late in Delhi. And Bijili Vibhag's navigations were equally blinding.

In India, even if things are screwed, they will eventually work out! The facilitator Bapu was all on his mark to find us the quickest and cheapest way to Manali.

Our Itinerary was like:
Delhi -> Chandigarh (via Bus, and hire a cab here) -> Bir Billing -> Manali -> ... some obvious places -> Chandigarh -> Delhi.

Journey was fun, we had regular dose of punches, abuses and everything imaginable! Ride to Bir Billing was a bumpy one, definitely not as demanding as Goechala.

Came our first stop, Bir Billing. World's second highest paragliding spot and probably the best rated in India. Ride from Bir to Billing Jump site was happening! People were shit scared, and Lambu Compu was leaving his mark in form of pukes. Presi nervous about his century mark on SI scale, and bapu giving all sorts of marne wala gyaan. From the moment he realised that one sign on a piece of paper made all his insurance void may have slip-disked the foundation of his dealings! After a long time, 'the dancer' was concentrating harder on not puking than farting.

Probably those 18 kilo-meters in a pickup truck was one of the most difficult rides for rest of them :P

And the time came to jump! Pilot gave us two instructions:

  1. Do as I say, don't use your head
  2. When I say run, run as it is the last one of your life and if I say sit. Shut your brain and sit!

Passing the preliminary test with flying colors, all of us were ecstatic.

Takeoff is a difficult phase, the harness restricts the degree of motion considerably. And never before in anyone's life someone pays to run down a 70 degree slope on the words of a stranger! But everything has a first time.

We ran for our lives, and suddenly there was no land beneath our feet. GoPro recording the anxiety. But we were falling, not flying. Bang! something hit my leg. And whoosh, a pull of string from pilot and all worries were gone. Flying really is addictive, a sudden gush of wind, those dark green forests. Having a bird colleague will be a bluff in rest of the world, but definitely not this one.

Just before landing!

Here is the youtube link for a snapshot of my ride.

At the end, the flight was no less than Happy-Five. Now it was time to pack our bags and go to Manali.

Beside Camp 21
Gang at Beas River!

Manali was disappointing! For those moments, I started to love Bangalore Traffic! So many vehicles and so less space. Tourists make a place but also spoil it. Lesson learnt, only off-season trips to popular places. We might miss some places but we are gonna enjoy them.

A snow slide is enough to cheer you up. Here is us trying to take the shortcut for another slide!

India is so rich goodness always comes out of chaos. Randomly we found a place called Club 21, a camping site right next to Beas River. For next two days, this was going to be our base. There was no third thing in mind!

Beside Camp 21
The View!

Shivering and clinking of those paper cups in the darkness lit only by moon is going to be in our memories for long. Sometimes I recalled those nights in valley of Kanchenjunga, and there was always some things missing. These stupid people!

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