I guess most of us have read Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone. And when in college time come, a common question is, how is the life at college gonna be.

New people, new place, living away from the set of people who had always been there since birth.

2013, four years down the lane degree over, it time to play Ye dosti hum nahi torenge, College Days and Emptiness. New place, new timelines, and new people!

The present human culture forced Jack to be pack animals, we meet, and make ourselves comfortable. Although he liked that corner of the room, he did have friends. Less but really good ones.

With every set of people he had, there were some who swore to be there Always. But people come, people go!

Is Separation the goal of Socialisation?

Probably it is, so does it mean all the tradeoffs we do to keep people around us happy are shallow?

Seeing is believing, what should Jack Believe, Kalpana taught him to wait for positive. But when that figment of imagination is also lost, what next?

Because change is the only Constant

Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile...