Just like any other parent, his parents wanted their child to be happy, healthy and safe from the worldly chaos.

Sometimes he was guided, sometimes restrained from doing things boys of his age usually did. In a way they made sure that he is always in best of his states.

When he joined college, he was a 'poetic' little boy right out of school, idealistic in philosophies, and an adorable jerk. Innocence is not always bad.

There was something different, there was no one to guide and sharing thoughts were not as simple as last 17 years used to be, in the minutes of conversation they had, it is usually difficult to sum up all the experiences. Plus the 'pseudo' pressure of ragging. It takes time even for a lion to get adapted to the wild from the care.

No one was there to stop if something is wrong or help chose some things out of another. The transition comes as an oiled lash. Earlier there was an army of people to look into, and now he was the one holding his fort.

Now comes the part of choosing!

Was all of that for the code of moving ahead, or what for? Looking back brings joy and guilt both at the same time. Things are not like the same always. 

The only thing which changes for the first 17 years is classroom and grades, but now every moment is a new. People come, people go and why is still there an attachment to some and none to others, the place of ambiguity gives started to give him chills. Embracing the battle between faith and reason became difficult!

How easily he used to get scared! It was damn easy to pull a prank or troll him. He was undoubtedly good at understanding things, but anticipating them had never been easy.

Sometimes our real desires don't translate to ambition. And unknowingly some jokes really go too far.

Will the scars which he brought on himself and his people on his people during 'learning' will ever be healed?