We are getting married!

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The 'Inorbit-Right' Turn Story

December 29 afternoon, probably the last working day of the year for most working people globally. Near Inorbit mall, Uber driver took Right turn for the destination while a BMTC »

God give things in clusters!

2015, I joined Flipkart. My life was in a bad state, my work was no less than an Uncle Scrooge. Overall everything was pretty screwed up. Even after having a »

A walk down memory lane-2!

We meet many people, in our lives. Some interactions are touch and go, some are for days and some are hooked like bedbugs, it doesn't matter how hard you try »

Java: Playing with Generics and Reflection

Generics and Reflection are some of the few powerful tools which Java provides. Use case: In an incremental software development model, we happen to change and change. And some changes »